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I remember playing this as a kid it was a great way to kill time. Even now I really enjoy playing it.

Fun game for the upcoming halloween season!

Good game to kill sometime on my daily commute to work. I wish I could go further! Hope the res can get higher though.


Trying to get used to the game. Kind of hard to keep the broom flying...

Similar to "Probe the Humans"

If you lose altitude, it seem you can't recover and will crash. If you tap the screen too fast, it doesn't respond.

Really fun and witchy!

I really love this game! It takes practice to learn to fly but so does a real broom!

Awesomely Amazing Game

This is such an awesome game!!! I luv it!!! It's one of my very favorites! It is a little hard to fly at first, maybe, but once you get the hang of it, it'll be a piece of cake. Wonder Witches is a really cool game. Really, my only complaint is that you have to pay for the last witch. I don't like that you HAVE to pay. I like it when you have to earn it from hard work, and that's how all of them are except for the first witch, that comes with the game, and the last witch, that u have to buy. Get this game! I luv it, and so will you!

Fun game!

Had a hard time figuring out how to fly at first but then i got the hang of it! Very addicting game.

Love it!

This game is really fun and super addicting. I suggest a change in background, though. Otherwise, great game!

I love it

Pleas add more witches, you can buy witches for 99 but I want more that you can win with points. Overall I love this game. It is definitely one of my all time favorite games.

I love this app!! Witch has tricks :)


Looks fun, hard to use

Witches move on there own? Aren't we suppose to move them ourselves??


I like it now I've finally gotten the hang of it it can be very hard and has glitches from time to time but ultimately it's awesome just wish there were a lot more witches

Classic Fun

Not too many bells and whistles so far, which is why I like it! Just good side-scrolling fun.


Cute fun game very similar to line birds but I like witches better than birds :)


Just got the iPhone and was so happy to have this game available to me! Had it on my old phone too! Super cute, fun game!

Cool yet hard

It was hard but a very cool game.

Super fun!

This game is cute, fun and not too hard! I had trouble at first activating the broom powers, but a re-install fixed that problem.


Pretty cool game

Fun little game!

This game is fun and quite cute!

Fun but...

I got to the second broom and it says use three potions to unlock the power of this broom and I keep using 3 potions but it continues to say the same thing. Not very clear. But a fun, simple yet challenging game.

Wonder witches

Fantastic. I love this game!

Wonder witches

Awesome game,really passes time. It's better on the windows phone though:)

Great game!

I love this game but for some reason I'm not able to use magic potions What good is a firestorm if you can't use it!?!?

Great game!!!

I enjoy playing these games but it should be improved a little better. 1. Make the game have a PAUSE BUTTON! I'd like to pause, thank you very much. 2. Those spell bottles should be counted up like money. Then we can use a certain number to BUY with instead of our own money. 3. We should be able to touch anywhere on the screen to make the witch fly. It just let's you push on the right side ONLY.


it's game very funny 😄


I love this app. Great for all ages.

Cute & fun!

This is a cute game:)


It's kind of addicting:P


It's is hard to do at first then becomes so much fun! The woo whoos crack me and my friends up! Love!


I love this game!!!!


Thank you really grat


This is a cute game keeps you coming back for more. Just to see if you can keep her flying.




I don't get y so many people like this game cuz it is so boring!!!!!!! : { (


Soooo much fun

So hard

I don't get how so many people like this game I red the instruction and it said to tap it to make her fly but when I did that all she did was fall so I kept ending up with like a 10 or 11


Cool but how do you use potions or magic or whatever


Great to play but, sometimes gets hard.😃


I crash a lot of times but it's still fun.

Best game

This is the best game EVER!!!!!!!!!

Difficult but fun!!

It's hard to stay in flight and then you start going oh no I'm going to crash!!! And you do! Lol! It is so fun! I can't wait to get better! So fun!

Amazing. C:

I was searching for Wicca stuff when this came up and I figured I would give it a try, and I love it. Very addictive. (:


This is cool

Potions and bats and witches, oh my!

To all those wondering how to use secret powers, you simply tap the left side of the screen. All the witches have different powers, but Old Straw has none. I definitely recommend buying The Whiz. c: I love this game, it's very addictive. I just got WonderBar, she shrinks! :3 I like the changing scenery and obstacles, but I have to agree that I wish you were given a certain amount of lives before you have to completely start over. I think three is a good number. As for the person talking about ads... I don't know what you're talking about, I haven't had a single ad pop up. I'm not even sure if there is a paid version of this game...

Pure Fun

Love it!!!!! But can you REALLY get to the moon?!?! I really want to know... over all this is one of my FAV. games on my I-pod and I can't stop playing!!! I wish you could get the brooms more easily though.


It is an ok game not bad I gave it a four because lack of challenge!

Fantastic app!!!

This is a really great app. Great content, cool graphics, easy to use, very user friendly, challenging and fun!


Awesome and fun to play.

I love it like nuts

I like the game like nuts I mean how do u say u don't like and the game is challenging to!But awesome!i mean who hates it not me that's for sir it makes me feel good by playing it an I think it is hard

Wow! Great game!

Nice game. Very enjoyable and not too easy but fun. Actually a LOT fun. The trick is to keep tapping the screen to keep the witch from falling but then it is pure fun. LOVE IT!!!

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